Aesus Inline and Starwheel Cappers and feeders

from 60/min through 150/min

Aesus Delta Inline Capper

Aesus Inline Delta Capper can cap at Speeds of 0 - 120 bpm (cap and bottle dependent) and includes four pairs of easy adjust cap tightening stations.
The final 2 pairs of cap tightening stations come standard with pneumatic slip clutches.
Full stainless steel cladding on a fully welded stainless steel tubular base C style which fits over any conveyor or we can supply conveyors.

Motorized height adjustment complete with Colour Touch Panel control with all electronically controlled variable speed drives for ease of adjustment.
Single knob adjust in-feed chute for quick changeover.

Ergonomically superior to similar machines having less crack and crevices for dust or debris to accumulate to make cleaning much easier.

Aesus Delta Star Capper

The Aesus Star capper uses a starwheel to transport the containers under a spinning placing station.  Then the container is indexed to a second (or even a third) torqing station where the final torqu is provided.

A magnetic slip clutch can ensure a consistent torque is applied.


Recirculation devices can be supplied so that in the unlikely event a cap is not applied the container can be re-circulated for an aditional attempt.  If a cap is mis applied sensors are available to reject the container onto a reject table.


The feed can be using a vibratory bowl or a sorting elevator depending on cap charateristics.

Aesus Delta Star Capper

This Aesus Delta Capper has a sort elevator attached instead of a vibrating bowl for much easier access for replenising the caps.

Aesus Premier Star Capper

The premier Star capper has extra features that are not on the Delta model for convenience and ease of operation. 

Speeds of up to 100 per minute are possible.

Aesus SortElevator

Sorts Flat Caps at the same time as acting as a bulk feeder and elevator.

Aesus Dessicant Inserter

A compact machine for effortless barrel dessicant inserting at speeds over 100 per minute.