Powder and Auger Fillers

from 60/min through 400/min

High Speed Auger Fillers

We were given the task to develop single head auger fillers that can run at speeds in excess of 180/min....

In fact we have tested a single head filler with speeds in excess of 200/minute, but we are being conservative in our claims! How do we do it? Solid engineering and very clever indexing systems. We have even put two auger fillers on a twin conveyor and achieve speeds approaching 400/minute on “plastic spice jar” containers.

Twin Head High Speed Powder Fillers

Twin head fillers that can acheive speeds up to 400/minute.

These machines are extremely rugged and have been designed to run in exceptionally dusting dusty areas. Many options are available.

They are higher-priced than others, but considering the speeds they are well worth the extra.

These machines are particularly good for spices, many types of powders, and granulated materials.

Clear choice

Extremely powerful drives

Very high speeds

Exclusive hydraulic clutches

Recipe management

Simple controls

Simple ergonomic operator panel shows machine status, controls all options, has memories to recall previous set-ups, and is password protected where necessary.

Optional Accessories

Starkit Bottle Indexer, includes 1 starwheel for 1 (if applicable)

Additional starwheels for Starkit indexer (if applicable)

Additional Micro Auger and discharge funnel for non-free flowing products(small volumes only)

Set of Contact Parts, includes a 316 stainless steel hopper and hopper cover with infeed chute. Auger and funnel sold separately.

Additional Auger and discharge funnel For non-free flowing products (2 sets required for the dual filler) Or For free flowing products (2 sets required for the dual filler)

Dispensing Funnels c/w vacuum removal ports, includes the dispensing funnel, locking collar and holder.

Pneumatic Diving Nozzle Assembly (for extremely dusty products), complete with UMHW nozzle for 1 size neck opening

Lexan Dust Shroud, complete with exit for dust collection. *Vacuum is not included.

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